Will Edge Computing Take Out the Cloud?

Looking to the technical future, many believe that edge computing will knock out cloud services completely. Data processing in the cloud has been an historically efficient method, but as the amount of data in our world increases, the latency found with cloud computation causes many to believe it will be a thing of the past.

As we look ahead to self-driving cars and other Internet of things (IoT) devices, the need to process data immediately at the point of use, could instigate a permanent shift towards edge computing. So, is it out with the old, in with the new?

Edging out the Cloud

Those who argue that edge computing will overrun the cloud focus on the immediate advantages of processing data at the edge of a network, and what that means for technological advancement. Edge computing retrieves data quickly and reliably, as opposed to the longer wait times often associated with data processing from the cloud. In a driverless car, for example, instant and accurate information processing is critical to preventing accidents. Data processed close to the source reduces the risk of unplanned downtime, saving time and money. If this is our future, it makes sense to view this as the new dominate market trend.

Better together?

Edge computing is instrumental to the technological future, however that doesn’t mean the cloud can retire just yet. Many predict the cloud market will experience growth along with edge computing, instead of becoming obsolete. The cloud provides long-term information storage and data backup that will always remain operationally important to businesses and automated systems. With an increase in the amount of data processed, also comes an increased need for additional storage, a key advantage of the centralized cloud.

Edge computing and the cloud working together as technology evolves is the most likely future scenario. Quick processing at the edge will cater to the need for real time data fast, but the storage provided by the cloud will always remain important.

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