The Need for Speed in Data Retrieval

The closer you are to something you need, the quicker you are able to reach it. This is the simplistic principal behind how edge computing works in achieving faster data retrieval and transactional execution. As we expand into an increasingly demanding data-driven world, not only will we need reliable data, but the necessity to reduce latency often dealt with in host based computing, will play an important role in industry growth. By processing data at the edge, closer to the source, real time information can be at our fingertips in a moment’s notice, much faster than waiting for information to be pulled from a centralized cloud.

As discussed in volume 1, data processing using host based or cloud computation has worked in the past, but as we need data more frequently and quickly, the speed of data retrieval is a key, differentiating advantage in edge computing that may play an integral part in the technological and commercial future.

Innovative Technology

We constantly hear about how self-driving cars are on the near horizon, but what will that mean for data processing? Imagine the catastrophe if a self-driving car were to rely on cloud computing to gather information. While the processed data would still be relatively reliable, it would get to the vehicle much slower than needed for normal operation. It is estimated that driverless cars will utilize hundreds of on-vehicle sensors, generating around 40 trillion gigabytes per every eight hours. It is crucial that this data not only be processed reliably, but also quickly to avoid accidents.

Business Models

With the emergence of Amazon and other e-commerce giants, many retail businesses are gradually moving away from traditional storefronts to online platforms. With this increase in online utilization, their need for quick access to operation-critical data faster and more reliably will grow as well. An estimated 40 percent of online consumers will abandon a website page that takes more than three seconds to load, which could drive potential customers directly into a competitor’s website and leave them with unfavorable impressions of the business. Again, fast and accurate access to data through edge computing is essential to meeting this demand.

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