Influences of Big Data Analytics and IoT

Big data analytics has created an indelible impact on today’s most prevalent and successful industries and the consumers within them. Organizations such as Google, Amazon, Airbnb and Uber (to name a few) are utilizing big data to expand into new markets, improve customer engagement, and enhance their operations in numerous market sectors.

Real-time big data analytics has become a disruptive force and the instantaneous response and insight from these live metrics is a necessity, particularly at the pace at which consumers and businesses move today. Users want relevant, personalized information now, which is why data integration and processing power is becoming mainstream. More and more companies in various industries are able to embrace opportunities that were previously unimaginable, such as improving patient care, increasing purchasing efficiencies, and overall making better business decisions.

Big Data and the Consumer Experience 

Smart businesses always strive to be more consumer focused. In today’s real-time big data age, when it comes to customer experience, ‘good’ is not good enough. With more and more immediate big data technologies becoming available, companies have the chance to positively affect their customers. Big data provides these access points to offer personalized information, incentives and services that enhance the overall customer experience.

Extending this level of service and personal attention is something every business should aim to achieve. With real-time big data, customers are experiencing the difference, and the companies and organizations at the forefront of this technology are reaping the rewards.

Big Data and IoT

The IoT (internet of things) can be a conceptual idea hard for some to understand. Basically, IoT involves technologically advanced elements that transmit information, and sense, gauge and respond to behaviors.

Most discussions about IoT consist of how it currently impacts our daily lives. Big data and IoT work together to establish greater efficiencies and conveniences. Data mined from IoT devices provides a way to track device inter-connectivity. This monitoring is used by companies, organizations and governments, to more effectively target their audiences. IoT is also increasingly adopted as a means of gathering sensory data, which is then used to enhance aspects of transportation, medicine, home and health and manufacturing.

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