Data Center Trends to Track for Sustained Success

As technology continues to grow and evolve, there are many new important trends to keep an eye on. These developments may shape the way data centers function in the coming years, as well as how businesses utilize data centers as they become more crucial to business operations. We’ve highlighted a few trends and their potential impacts on data centers.

Increase in bandwidth demands. There has been a steady increase in data from the Internet of Things (IoT), a surge in online streaming, and an increase in data for servers to manage and store. This has created a growing need for greater bandwidth in many data centers. IT teams are seeking solutions that can help enable them to support this surge of data, as well as increase their speeds in doing so. Data centers will need to be able to keep up, as this increase in data is showing no signs of slowing down.

Heightened focus on big data analytics. Data centers are relying on analytics to measure and evaluate the effect that big data is having on their operations. Many use analytics to monitor how their networks perform in real time and adjust as needed. Businesses are also beginning to lean on their IT departments to analyze consumer buying trends through big data analytics. By putting a focus on analyzing data, businesses will be able to effectively enhance their operations.

Transition from servers to network storage. As the amount of data transferred across networks increases, more data centers are deploying storage on networks rather than servers. Ethernet technologies are being used to attach storage to the network instead of legacy storage interconnects. With data continuing to increase, being able to successfully store data after analyzing it is crucial.

New trends emerge each year as the data landscape changes, but these seem to be three of the biggest trends currently. Businesses will demand a successful response to quickly changing requirements in the data center space, so that they can keep up with their operations and their competitors.

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