Colocation Back Up Plan: Lesson Learned After Amazon’s Major Cloud Interruptions

This week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing division experienced a 4-hour outage causing hundreds of thousands of websites to unexpectedly close their front doors and shut out the lights in one of the largest interruptions in recent memory.

Although it isn’t widely known to average consumers, Amazon, the popular online shopping site is actually a large provider to the back-end of the Internet. AWS provides support to a few major companies like Netflix, Spotify and Pinterest, to name a few. Thousands of companies utilize AWS for its cloud-based storage and online services so they don’t have to manage their own servers. The convenience of this allows those companies to quickly deploy computing power without the need for an advanced infrastructure.

That is until the convenience is interrupted.

Some companies have been steadily moving their valuable storage to cloud services because it is easier to access, cheaper and more resilient, but the downside is that when there are problems, they become very apparent.

If some of the 148,213 companies affected by the outage had a back up plan in place utilizing failover and/or replication sites they might have benefitted at the expense of their competitors.

While disruptions, errors and outages are a fact of life in the cloud, users of cloud-based storage would benefit from designated colocation sites that provide high-redundancy actuation hosted in a secure, reliable and available infrastructure like Provision Data Services’ 2020 Live Oak facility.

For more information related to fault-tolerance best practices and Provision’s network of sites, our team is here to help facilitate your company’s demand for colocation services.

Read the full story about the AWS Outage via USA Today here.

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