How Can Colocation Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to managing critical information, businesses have more options than ever before because of continued advances in technology. For many businesses, colocation has become the trusted option for managing their critical infrastructure.

A colocation data center is a facility where businesses can acquire space to house their servers and other IT hardware, instead of housing them in their own space. A colocation data center will normally provide the building space, cooling, power and physical security, among other features. Some colocation facilities even extend their options to providing managed services that help to support the business initiatives of their customers.

There are several main features that businesses can benefit from when housing their critical information at a colocation data center, which we have highlighted a few below.

Cost Effective

One of the most notable benefits from colocation is cost savings, as many companies are able to reduce their overall IT management costs and real estate expenses. Colocation prevents a business from having to keep up with the expenses of securing and maintaining their own facility or data room and all the underlying support equipment and even some personnel. Colocation data centers are also scalable to a business’s changing needs as they grow.

24/7 Support

Colocation data centers often have the option to provide 24/7 support for the maintenance and management of servers and equipment. Many businesses do not have a team that can manage their systems around the clock, but colocation data centers specialize in network services and can provide that support. If servers were to fail in the middle of the night, a member of a colocation provider’s team is available to attend to the issue.


Most businesses depend on 100 percent network reliability for their operations. This is something that can be costly and difficult to maintain when systems are not in a data center. Colocation data centers usually offer multiple high-quality network options so businesses can choose the one that is best for their operations. These networks are all designed to deliver reliable connectivity at all times. Additionally, colocation data centers have alternative power sources such as generators and diverse utility feeds to handle any utility outages. The equipment of the data center provider is designed to make any electricity outages transparent to the end-user.


Data breaches can be a danger to business operations. Colocation data centers have multiple layers to their security; helping to ensure data breaches do not occur. These data centers are also protected against natural disasters and severe weather. Colocating can keep servers and equipment available and online, should an unexpected weather event take place.

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