What are the Business Advantages of Colocation?

Companies have more options than ever when it comes to managing their business’s critical information. As technology continues to evolve, the question of how to best manage larger amounts of data, has become increasingly prevalent for enterprises. For many, colocation has become the trusted solution.

We have outlined several business advantages of colocation:

1) Cost-Effective

Partnering with a data center to manage your company’s data can be a very cost-effective business strategy. Colocation service plans are a comprehensive package, providing built-in benefits such as support, security, redundancy and connectivity at either a bundled or reduced cost compared to on-site hosting. With colocation, costs associated with environmental and safety systems are avoided. By outsourcing, enterprise users can be assured that their information will be stored in a resilient and reliable environment while enjoying a real estate cost benefit.

2) Support and Redundancy

Colocation provides companies with a secure, redundant environment to house their information. There are multitudes of ways in which businesses’ critical information can be compromised. Office migration, power outages, security threats, mismanaged equipment, and natural disasters only scratch the surface. Ensuring your data is stored in a protected environment with proactive support is essential, especially for disaster recovery.

3) Infrastructure

The robust, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure used to store client information provides businesses with environmental benefits that may not otherwise be accessible or affordable if managing data in-house. With personnel and multiple facilities available, technical and management resources are better focused as a helpdesk can assist with incident tracking, audit ability, and inherent conflict escalation.

4) Scalability & Connectivity

Without a secure, reliable connection to its customers, businesses are unable to deliver on their products and services. Improved security allows businesses to feel comfortable with access to data, email, Internet, as well as protection from intrusion detection with a network security firewall. Connectivity with the data center is essential. Data centers provide access to high-speed, high-quality bandwidth. As a business brings in more traffic and begins to expand, the colocation facility has the flexibility to expand as well. Most variables including space, power, security and support can be tailored to fit the client’s needs.
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 Value Propositions to Colocation and/or Managed Services

  • License and equipment discounts using vendor’s quantity leverage
  • Relief from warranty management
  • Monitoring services: Network and system availabilities
  • Institution of “change management” disciplines: Reduced compatibility issues and scheduled implementations
  • Structured and singularized procurement practices
  • Enhanced speed-to-market capabilities
  • Access to technical resources “by the drink”
  • On-demand platform/infrastructure scalability
  • Availability of resources for project-oriented tasks

At the end of the day, what many businesses want is confidence for the future. By selecting a colocation provider for management of critical information and assets, businesses are able to control their hardware and software with the comfort of knowing the information is housed in a facility that optimizes risk mitigation, heightened security and stability.

For more information about the benefits of colocation and how your company can better evaluate a colocation solution, contact our team today.

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