The Benefits of a Downtown Dallas Data Center

Dallas-Fort Worth is considered the second largest data center market in the U.S. and the largest in Texas. The North Texas data center Dallas,_TX_cityscapemarket originated in Dallas’ Central Business District due to the rich telecommunication infrastructure put in place by the original Internet companies. Several buildings in the area were retrofitted to accommodate data center users upgrading the infrastructure. Today, those facilities act as interconnection hubs for some of the largest consumers of data center space in the region, such as Provision’s data center located at 2020 Live Oak Street.

Listed below are a few of the top reasons why a data center located in downtown Dallas is beneficial to the markets’ data center users driving the continual demand and expansion in North Texas.

  • More powerful backup capabilities: Data center colocation simplifies data backup regardless of the configuration. An organization with a colocation plan can easily locate backup systems in a provider facility and position themselves to easily switch over to that backup configuration in the event of an outage or similar emergency event. Colocation vendors that also offer data center services ease the management burden that comes with having multiple backup setups and enable organizations to build multi-tiered backup and recovery plans in a cost-efficient way without an added operational burden.
  • Low-latency networks in the CBD: Latency is a major issue when data needs to travel over large distances. Latency increases as data moves through cables and interconnections, creating an environment in which organizations experience information delivery delays correspondent to the distance data must travel to get to its destination. Having the shortest and most efficient connection from the computing platform to the user is the one of the most effective ways to minimize latency. 
  • Flexibility: Many colocation providers build different data center architectures to meet specific needs while still supporting the core requirements that are part of the organization’s brand identity as a vendor. This means that customers can rely on stability across the configuration, but also leverage the unique benefits of the facility. Many companies face significant challenges trying to keep up with new and ever changing IT demands. Having a colocation partnership that features ample space to scale upward over time is invaluable to meet the area’s data center demand.


Data center demand in North Texas is at an all-time high, and now is the time for companies to evaluate their data center options. For more information about Provision’s data center solutions or to schedule a tour of 2020 Live Oak, contact our team today.

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